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  Great Lakes Sales and Public Relations is passionate about providing innovative, creative, successful publicity, public relations and marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
  * Our innovative public relations and marketing solutions put a greater emphasis on creativity and help you provide proven public relations strategies that work with today's new media.
  * We're developing a wide range of online classes and niche marketing books that allow small business owners to learn strategic ideas for using new media public relations techniques to boost sales.

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Powerful Public Relations Strategies for Small Businesses
  You probably know that strong sales drive the heart of a small business. Intelligent people like you already know that a powerful public relations strategy is the secret key to unlocking skyrocketing sales for your business.
  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could apply professional public relations techniques to your busienss and watch your sales skyrocket? Just picture opening up your email each morning and finding dozens of new clients contacting you because they're interested in your business.
  You will feel amazed to know that now there is an easy to learn online class that allows business professionals and small business owners to learn the strategies necessary to produce powerful public relations results.
  Our online public relations class will teach you:
* how to identify and market to your ideal buyer
* the most common public relations mistakes and how to avoid them
* how to quickly and easily create public relations campaigns that immediately boost your sales
* why the popularity of the Internet has blurred the lines between sales and public relations and how you can use this to your advantage
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